Things you need to know about Umpires for the 2022 Season

Published by: North Essex Cricket League
Published on 6 April 2022
Last Updated: 14 September 2022

With the season just eleven days away, here is a brief update on Umpires for 2022.

David Root has assigned as many umpires as he can to NECL Division 1, Division 2 and T20 matches. In some cases he has not been able to allocate umpires, and clubs will have to umpire between themselves. These appointments are visible on the Umpires tab, Umpire Appointments for April and May, as are contact numbers for the umpires.

The cost of an umpire has increased in 2022 to £40, to be paid on the day preferably by cash, but if that is not possible by cheque. We appreciate clubs are generally moving to online systems for collection of match fees, and umpires may be happy to be paid by BACS, but if that is not the case and not all people want to give out bank details, then please be prepared to pay in cash or by cheque.

Where one umpire is standing the clubs will share the cost, so £20 each. 

Secondly, with Covid restrictions still in mind some clubs may be reticent in providing teas. At the AGM it was decided that it should be up to the home club whether they would provide teas and they should communicate that with their opponents prior to the day of the game. Please, if you are not providing a tea on the day can you contact your standing umpires to advise, so that they can bring their own provisions. The last thing you want is Hangry Umpire !

Thirdly, If matches are called off due to weather the home team should contact both umpires by telephone – no text message – speak directly to the umpires concerned. If an umpire turns up to a venue where the game has been called off and has not been advised the home club will be liable for any expenses incurred by the Umpire.

If matches are conceded the same procedure should be adopted, with the home club taking responsibility, however, if an away club has conceded they could contact the Umpire out of courtesy.

Finally, do not forget to complete your Umpire Assessment Forms post match – we are hoping that with the new website this will be available in an easier format this year, than submitting via Play Cricket. Details will follow as soon as the new website is live.

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