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Published by: North Essex Cricket League
Published on 15 April 2022
Last Updated: 14 September 2022

Now with the start of the season imminent, a timely reminder of the dreaded admin!

These rules and fines apply to T40 and T20 competitions only – T30 may want to adopt some of the courtesy suggestions – advising opposition of provision of teas, advising opposition of concession in good time.

Please advise opposition and umpires if you are planning to provide teas for the game, at least the day before the game.

Any club that concedes a match, due to lack of players, must inform their opposition within 36 hours of the start time of the match – failure to do so will result in expenses paid to the home club of £30 or its reasonable wasted expense, whichever is higher.

A concession must also be reported by the conceding team, to the Results Secretary (Kevin Hewes) –  by 10pm on the day preceding the match. If this is not done the conceding side will be fined £25 and deducted 10 points.

Matches cancelled due to weather or concession can be re-arranged, however, the re-arrangement of conceded games must not be to the detriment of the non conceding club. This rule applies to match up to July 31st – any game cancelled or conceded after that will not be re-arranged.

Matches that are started and subsequently abandoned – cannot be re-arranged.

A shortened game can be arranged in the event of adverse weather, with the batting bonus points re-applied as under Rule 14A – games reduced to between 20 and 25 overs.

Team sheets should be given to standing umpires prior to the match, or swapped between captains if no umpires standing.

No player under the age of 12 at August 31st 2021 may play in the league.

No player under the age of 13 at August 31st 2021 may play in the league, without parental consent prior to the match – a form which is available on the website.

No player will be able to make their league debut after July 31st, without special dispensation form the Management Committee.

A player may only play for one club during the season, unless a transfer is approved by the League Secretary. Transfers are possible up to July 31st, forms available on the website.

Please ensure that the home club scorebook is complete at the end of the game for entry into Play-Cricket. For those scoring the match direct into Play-Cricket this does not apply.

Home clubs are responsible for reporting the result by 10pm on the day of the match – please e-mail  or complete the summary result on Play Cricket for the fixture. Again if a match is scored in Play Cricket this will be acceptable, and indeed preferable. Failure to do this will result in a £5 fine for the home club.

If the match is not scored on the day in Play-Cricket, the Full Scorecard must be uploaded within 48 hours of the match. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine.

A further £5 fine will then be imposed for every week that the scorecard is not uploaded…we once issued a fine for £50 (10 weeks without uploading correctly) for this…so you have been warned.

Please ensure that your pre and post match admin is a priority, to ensure the smooth running of the league. The league do not want to implement fines, preferring clubs to spend their finances on club projects.

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