Cancellations: Rules and Protocols

Published by: North Essex Cricket League
Published on 22 June 2021
Last Updated: 14 September 2022

A reminder about league rules and protocols around match cancellations

A Division 1 club has recently experienced problems with successive cancellations by opponents, so I should like to remind clubs of the rules and expectations, if they need to call a game off.

Rule 15A requires any away club failing to fulfil a fixture (other than for bad weather) without giving the home team 36 hours notice before the start-time to pay the home club £30 (or more, if its reasonable wasted expenses are higher.

Rule 15B requires any club unable to fulfil a league fixture due to lack of players to inform their opponents (and the league) by 10pm on the day before the game. If not, they will incur a £25 fine and a 10 point deduction, unless the Management Committee determine otherwise.

The League also expects its member clubs to show proper consideration to away teams when calling off a game due to bad weather. If possible, a decision should be made and communicated to the away team in time to avoid unnecessary travel. We would expect such contact to be via a direct phone call rather than an email which may not be picked up immediately.

Neil Brinded (Chair, NECL)

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