Division One and Two Concessions and letting Umpires know

Published by: North Essex Cricket League
Published on 17 May 2017
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

Just a reminder, in general the HOME side should contact the neutral umpires in the event of match being cancelled through a concession. However, it may be courteous if the conceding side also let the umpires know. If you cannot contact the umpires, please inform the Umpire Appointments Officer David Root (01376 583819 or 07981 731291) – failure to let the umpires or David Root know, may incur the umpires expenses if they travel on the day ! As well as their wrath.

While we are dealing with Umpires, remember that all First and Second Division Clubs MUST submit an Umpire Assessment (available on the website), marking the standing umpires, by the Friday following the game – failure to do so could result in a five point deduction. There are still some clubs who have failed to submit assessments in the first few weeks. I have not implemented the rule strictly yet to ensure that all clubs have got the message, but from the first week of June there will be no excuse.

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