Do not leave yourself at risk

Published by: North Essex Cricket League
Published on 11 May 2017
Last Updated: 15 September 2022

Just a timely reminder of vigilance around the cricket grounds as the season gets into full swing.

Remember we had a spate of thefts last year, and unfortunately, there has already been reports of thefts in the county at cricket matches this season.

Do not give these low life’s an easy opportunity to take your valuables.

Take some simple precautions;

1. Do not take valuables into a Changing Room to start with. If possible, keep them safely locked away in your vehicles, you do not need them while the game is in progress.

2. If you cannot do (1) then please try and make sure that your changing room is safely locked, especially when your team is in the field and the key is left with your scorer. If the changing room cannot be locked then ask the host club if they have a safe facility to lock these valuables in, like their bar.

3. Notice if entrance to the clubhouse can be made without being visible from the field of play, in which case take extra care.

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