T20 Competition Rules

Last updated: 22 August 2022

(1) Each team in the T20 competition will play the others once on a date and at a time to be mutually agreed and notified to the League Executive Committee by a date specified by the League. The League will determine which is to be the home side and which the away side.

(2) Clubs may rearrange a fixture (by mutual consent) where the match was unable to be played on the date originally agreed due to inclement weather or ground conditions, save that any such rearranged fixture must be played no later than the first Sunday in August.

(3) If a fixture is rearranged as aforesaid, both clubs must notify the Results Secretary by e-mail of the new date within 48 hours of the rearrangement.

(4) The winning team will be awarded 2 points. In the event of a tie, each team will be awarded one point.

(5) If a game is not played for any reason other than the inability of a club to raise a team, and is not rearranged, each team will be awarded one point.

(6) If a club is unable to raise a side and concedes a match, their opponents will be treated as the winning side and awarded 2 points.

(6a) If a club is unable to raise a side and concedes a subsequent match, their opponents will be treated as the winning side and awarded 2 points, the conceding side will be deducted 1 point, and fined £25.

(7) At the conclusion of the league stage of the competition, the four qualifying teams will proceed to a Finals Day (two semi-finals and a final) on August Bank Holiday Monday at a venue to be notified.

(8) In the event of two teams having the same number of points, the team with the higher net run-rate over the league stage of the competition will be placed higher.

(9) The semi finals will see the Winners of each group, drawn against the Runner Up of the other group.

(10) In all matches each innings will comprise 20 overs.

(11) No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs in any match.

(11a) In the event of bad weather the match may be reduced in length by agreement between the participating captains before the start of play and subject to a minimum of 10 overs, of which the side batting first must not exceed 5.

(11b) Where, during a match, play is suspended because of bad weather or bad light and, in the opinion of the captains, the duration of the stoppage or stoppages is such as to make it unlikely that the game (whether or not already reduced in length under Rule 23) can be completed, then, if both captains agree, the original game may be abandoned and a new reduced overs game played, subject to a minimum of 10 overs, of which the side batting first must not exceed 5.

(11c) [a] Where a panel umpire is standing he/she shall be the final judge of the fitness of the ground, weather or light for play.[b] If no panel umpire is standing, if the start of play is delayed on account of unsuitable ground or weather conditions or unsuitable light, and the captains cannot otherwise agree, the number of overs in the match will be reduced by two overs for each six-minute period or part thereof lost. If play has not commenced within two hours of the scheduled start, the match shall be declared void save that, unless otherwise agreed between the captains, a team failing to remain at the ground until the expiry of such two-hour period shall be deemed to have conceded the match with no points gained, their opponents being awarded 20 points.

(11d) In a reduced overs game the maximum number of overs per bowler shall be as follows.

  • 16-19 overs innings: 4 overs per bowler
  • 11-15 overs Innings: 3 overs per bowler
  • 6-10 overs innings: 2 overs per bowler
  • 5 overs innings: 1 over per bowler

(12) Fielding restrictions: A 30 yards fielding circle shall be clearly marked by the home side. At all times at least four fielders (in addition to the bowler and wicket-keeper) must be within the circle when the bowler delivers the ball. In addition, for the first 6 overs of each innings only two fielders are permitted to be outside the field restriction marking at the instant of delivery. In the event of any infringement of this rule, the umpire at the bowler’s end shall call ‘no ball.’

(12a) Fielding restrictions in reduced overs games. In a reduced overs game, the fielding restrictions that should apply at the beginning of the innings should be as follows;

  • 18-20 overs innings: 6 overs
  • 15-17 overs innings : 5 overs
  • 12-14 overs innings : 4 overs
  • 9 -11 overs innings : 3 overs
  • 6 – 8 overs innings : 2 overs
  • 5 overs innings : 1 over

(13) The delivery after a no-ball (for whatever reason) shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it.

(14) If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery for any reason (any kind of no ball or a wide), the next delivery shall become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it.

(15) For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a no ball, even if the delivery for the free hit is called a wide ball.

(16) Wides: Any offside or legside delivery which in the opinion of the umpire does not give the batsman a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a wide. For guidance purposes, a legside wide shall be called if the ball passes on the legside outside the pads of the batsman standing in a normal guard position.

(17) Players in the T20: A player may play for a club in the T20 competition and for a different club in the 40 overs league competition. A player may only play for one T20 club in a season, there are no transfers permissible. Rule 30 of the League Rules is amended to that extent.

(18) Subject as aforesaid (or as modified by necessary implication) the Laws of Cricket and the League Rules shall apply to the T20 competition.

(19) Clubs shall be responsible for completing the official match scoresheet online and in accordance with a format and timetable prescribed by the Management Committee, with all required details fully and accurately completed. Results shall also be notified to the Results Secretary by 10.00 pm on the evening of the fixture in the manner prescribed by the Management Committee.

(19A) Penalties for non-compliance with rule 29. (i) A club failing to notify the result of a match to the Results Secretary as required by rule 29, or doing so after 10.00 pm, will be fined £5.00; (ii) A club failing to complete the online scoresheet in accordance with the requirements and by the time prescribed by the Management Committee will be fined £10.00. A further fine of £5.00 per week will be imposed for each week thereafter that any default continues

(20) The captain of each team in matches in T20 shall complete and submit an assessment report on the umpires standing in the match.  The completed report must be submitted in a form and manner and by the time prescribed by the Management Committee.