Re-arranging Rained Off and Conceded Games

Last updated: 22 August 2022

Following a Management Committee last night, the following in-season rule changes were permitted, in an effort to maximise Sunday cricket in 2018.

A deadline date of 31st July was applied to re-arranging fixtures, cancelled through rain or concession.

Amendments to Rule 15C and 18, and an additional Rule 15E added.

(15C) In the spirit of ‘getting the game on’, matches that are conceded for lack of players can be re-arranged at the agreement of the non conceding club, and must not be re-arranged on a date that will be to the detriment of the non conceding club. Dates outside the stated season up to the last Sunday in September can be used for re-arranging conceded fixtures. The concession should be reported to the Results Secretary, as well as an alternative date if clubs are in mutual agreement to play the game. There is no prejudice against the non conceding club in the first concession, and if no date can be found to re-arrange, the original concession will stand. Matches scheduled up to 31st July can be re-arranged in this way – but the Results Secretary must be informed of the new date by 31st July. After the 31st July no game can re-arranged and the concession will stand.

(15D) A re-arranged game will only resort to the original result if the non-conceding side in the first instance are unable to fulfil the fixture through lack of players. Re-arranged matches that are abandoned or cancelled due to weather will have that result stand.

(15E) Matches that are rained off without a ball being bowled can be re-arranged if a mutually agreeable date can be found between the participating clubs. This rule only applies up to July 31st, thereafter, rained off matches will be counted as a cancelled game with six points awarded to each side. The Result Secretary must also be informed of a new date for a cancelled game by 31st July. Games that are started and are subsequently abandoned, will not be re-arranged.

(18) The League competition shall not start before the final Saturday in April and shall finish for the season on the third Sunday of September. Rained-off matches shall not be rearranged. No fixture may be rearranged for any other reason without the prior approval of the League Secretary who shall first inform and obtain the agreement of the League Chairman and the representatives of the division concerned.